One of my greatest joys is helping to reconnect people with the healing and pleasure that plants bring to our lives.

Hi! I’m Ayo Ngozi Drayton, founder and CEO of The Creative Root LLC. I’m a clinical herbalist and educator and a lifelong creative, and I started this company to empower everyday people to learn the art and craft of making plant-based products. In my years of teaching, I’ve seen that anyone can create their own high-quality, sustainably-produced, organic botanical products with the right support—that’s what we’re here to do!

At The Creative Root, we believe that 1) everyone should have access to affordable, sustainable organic self-care and that 2) companies should be transparent about their practices as well as their ingredients. We all know that what you put in and on your body and in your home environment matters, and it’s important to us that our customers and clients recognize fantastic botanical products (and fake “natural” products) when you see them.

Thanks for joining us on this botanical journey! Make yourself at home on the site, join our mailing list, and come back often!

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